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  • (04) 6652 4636

    E&R Engineering Consultants Joint Stock Company

    Address: 12th floor, Building at No.6 Ton That Thuyet Street, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam

    Tel.: +844.32123467/+844.66524636

    Fax: +84-4.3787 8219

  • Equipment Capacity

    E&R Engineering Consultant Joint Stock Company has owned modern equipment of survey, laboratory testing and designing software. With existing equipment capacity, E&R is fully confident that we can accomplish consulting services of survey, laboratory testing and designing for domestic and international transportation work.

    Topographic survey equipment:
    –    GPS Trimble R4 machine
    –    LeicaTotal station
    –    Leica Leveling machine
    –    Hand-held GPS
    –    Measuring rod
    –    Walkie-talkie

    May thuy chuan May leica Leica_GPS GPS Trimble

    Geotechnical survey equipment:
    –    Drilling machine XY-1 (including drilling rod, SPT bit, sample taker etc…) with hydraulic loading equipment, drilling capacity up to 100m
    –    UKB drilling machine (with accessories), dry drilling capacity up to 25m
    –    Vane Cutter

    May khoan   Mui khoan

    Mau lay len

    Laboratory testing equipment
    –    Triple axes compressor machine
    –    Consolidation compressor machine
    –    Even cuttermachine
    –    Tool determining liquid limit
    –    Tool determining plastic limit
    –    Unconfined compression device
    –    Test tube and other requirement device in laboratory

    Phong Thi nghiem  Phong TN


    Survey and design software
    –    HHMAPS 2011 software
    –    VnRoad software
    –    Midas Civil Plus-2012
    –    RM Software (Version: RMV8i)
    –    Autodesk Civil 3D 2012 Software
    –    Nova TDN Software



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