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  • (04) 6652 4636

    E&R Engineering Consultants Joint Stock Company

    Address: 12th floor, Building at No.6 Ton That Thuyet Street, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam

    Tel.: +844.32123467/+844.66524636

    Fax: +84-4.3787 8219

  • Consulting service

    Professional services of construction consultant for transportation and infrastructure works

    Implement related technical consulting service for construction of infrastructure works with following main subjects:
    –    Consulting service for transportation design, including design work for: highway, bridge, culvert and drainage system, tunnel
    –    Consulting service for making investment report, cost estimation and total cost estimation of transportation construction
    –    Consulting service for construction quality testing, material and geological testing
    –    Consulting service for project management, operation management of transportation construction

    Cau Phuoc Khanh

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