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  • Da Nang – QuangNgai Expressway Project

    Narrative description of Project: Da Nang – QuangNgai expressway project is a part of North South expressway project in the central area and confirmed by the government that the project is invested priory by World Bank’s fund (WB). The project is constructed to improve the connection of internal area; support to develop the economy and society of the whole country and the central area.


    The beginning point is at Km 0+00 on national highway No.14B and the ending point is at Km 130+00 belong to provincial highway No. 625 in QuangNgai province, with the total length 130km (including Da Nang 8km; Quang Nam 91.5km; QuangNgai 31.5 km). The alignment has 4 lanes, 25.5m in width, designing speed 100km/h.

    Scope of consulting service: Provide consulting service of survey and design
    –    Topographic survey for section Km0+800 – Km17+000
    –    Geotechnical survey – Package 1 Section Km0+000 – Km8+000
    –    Geotechnical survey – Package 2 Km8+000 – Km16+880